There are many inspired indigenous artists, and Lil Coyote strives to strike inspiration into indigenous artist, and the youth like the way he was inspired. There are many artist like Lil Coyote who can't tell stories verbally, only with drawings. Behind each drawing, there's a story of a man with braids, there's a story of a ladies happiness, there's a story of the indigenous pain, there's a story of a indigenous super hero/shero. 


Along with many artist, the youth is a Lil Coyote focus. As a child, Lil Coyote was told he couldn't be Superman because he was of color. Lil Coyote creates characters specifically for indigenous youth, so they can grow up relating to a character that is more powerful than superman.

It took some time for Lil Coyote to find the purpose of his artistic abilities, although his obstacles have only just begun. He stands with the many indigenous people who fight against current issues, and strives to make an impact with his art.

The smallest detail can make the BIGGEST difference. YOU may just be a small detail, however you make a big impact in the world!

Be inspired. Stay inspired. Go inspire!