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'America's Great Again'
Copic Markers, Micron Ink Pens.
Artist, Chad L Browneagle.

This is not a threat, simply a response to to your tweets, your remarks against protesting football players, the insults you proudly state in the presence of our Code Talkers, the disrespect you have against our women, and the list goes on and on. Donald Trump, you can take this as a threat, but understand this, we are a proud people and as you continue your Imperial actions, we the Rebels will be at war with you until the end of your term. 
Viewers, you may relate this to Kathy Griffin, however if you find it to be okay for him to act the way he acts, or does what he does, then I find it to be okay to draw the way I draw. It may be expressed as being "too far" I find it to be just right for some individuals who have been angered by his actions.

But please, hate me, hate my drawing and express it, or love me, and love my drawing and support me, and yourself. I consider this to be my best art piece because it's beyond my usual size, it's my first horse I ever drew (which was near our camp at Standing Rock), and it speaks to me. Thank you family and friends who've helped me draw this and prepared me to face what I'm ready to face.

America's Great Agai