"Creations Creating"
Digital Art
As artists I believe we are creators in our own way, we give our art a soul, because it moves, it shows emotion, it has a name. I remember my nieces and nephews showing me their art, and sometimes they would have names. To them, their creation is beautiful enough to show and tell, just like I do when I post on here for you to see. Encourage your young ones to be creators in their own way, a artist, a dancer, a musician, singer, whatever it may be, because it's a beautiful thing to see young creations create!

Creations Creating

  • 11x17 on 12x18 Print Single Sided White Cardstock/Poster Paper. NOTE: The print will show a white border. If damaged on the sides, an alternative is to cut off the white borders, which will give you the 11x17 print.