Healing Echos


Copic Markers. Micron Pens.

When I warhoop, I enjoy the echo, and the silence it creates. In a way I feel like the ancestors who once walked this land, enjoy the callings we let out at the top of our lungs. When it silences a crowded place, it's letting the people know, the Indigenous People are still here. With this piece, I hope to inspire indigenous people to let out the LiLi, the Warhoop, and the Fāumu from time to time, not caring where they are, who they are with. It isn't just a cry, it's a healing warhoop that let's out my anger, my love, my celebration. Thanks to my models (top left to right) Nicco Rae Montano, Lyla Begay, Jonathan Theuntouchableowtlaw Pedro, Raymond Ostlie, Amber Morningstar, Thomas Coriz Jr., Sage Cornelius, Dennis Dewa, Olivia Komahcheet for the calling expressions!

Healing Echos

  • 11x17 Single Sided White Cardstock/Poster Paper


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