(Korben) Indigenous Companion - We as Indigenous People have a strong connection with our furry brothers/sisters. My best friend's name was Korben. Like all dogs, he had a personality, he was protective, and he brought joy to my life. If you are a close viewer to my art work, you would notice the the “Long Hair Don’t Care” character. This portrait was drawn on December 31st, and it would end the year with my new signature CLCY (Chad Little Coyote Yellowjohn)

To conclude with a short story, there was a time when I had nightmares of a shadow chasing me constantly, at one point I gave up, choosing to allow the shadow to catch me, before the shadow would touch me, it got ran off from the sounds of a bark, as I sat down crying, approached was my dog Korben. He hugged me, I hugged him, I then woke up crying knowing that he was watching over me, that shadow never came back.


  • 11x17 Single Sided White Cardstock/Poster Paper