Masks Created by Ione Yellowjohn


Ione Yellowjohn (pronounced as i•own) is a Shoshone Bannock artist from Fort Hall, Idaho. Yellowjohn beads, paints, sews, and the list goes on. Since the pandemic, she has provided her community with masks. The design that is displayed, Ione Yellowjohn created digitally, and sews the masks herself, and enjoys making her community safer in style. Purchasing these unique masks, you'll be aiding Ione Yellowjohn during the pandemic and isolating times. Thank you for supporting Indigenous Artist!

Plume Masks

  • -Made from 100% natural cotton calico fabric

    -Hard wearing, with a natural rustic feel

    -Length 7"x3"

    -Elastic straps to wrap around the ear

    -Masks are not approved medically and are made to help prevent Covid-19


    • fits comfortably against the side of the face
    • completely covers the mouth and nose
    • is secured around the ears
    • allowing comfortable breathing
    • machine dried without damage or change to shape

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