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Indigenized Banzai Bill from Mario, meet Warcry Willie. Banzai is a Japanese war cry, people shout "banzai" to express their happiness, to celebrate a victory, to hope for longevity. As for the name Willie, it was the first name that I thought worked well with Warcry, also comes from the Indigenous character Willie Jack from Reservation Dogs! Keep Indigenizing, keep inspiring, and stay blessed while you're at it!

Warcry Willie Pins

  • Warcry Willie is the first pin I have had produced by! 

    They are:


    1.75 inch

    Metal Butterfly

    with 2 attachment backings.

    SHIPMENT: I schedule my shippings once a week, every Thursday or Friday. Shipments for pins will come in a small bubble mailers.

    WARNING: If you're super sacred, and decide to turn Warcry Willie into a arrowhead, use extreme caution, he's made to make people smile, not hurt them.

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