Chad "Little Coyote" Yellowjohn comes from Shoshone-Bannock/Spokane ancestral line. Chad was raised in Ione, Washington and at a young age was mute, speaking only gibberish. Over the years, his imagination began to extensively blossom on paper, thus gaining a heavy interest in free hand illustration. Fueling his love for drawing, his mother expressed she could get a sense of his mood swings, in which he would draw a picture to lighten her day to implement a positive atmosphere when growing up. 


   After graduating High School, Yellowjohn went straight to the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico to advance in his talents on becoming a professional illustrator, taking media classes and building relationships with other like-minded Indigenous artists. Due to struggles along the way, he dropped out and moved close to home where he cycled from working at the Spokane International Airport, to customize hand painted Poly-like shoes, creating Indigenous illustrations, drawing various caricature portraits, and selling them to those showing interest. Working behind doors for two straight years and looking for his next move. Chad was struck with inspiration by seeing his friends growing at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, and decided to enroll for another shot for the Spring Semester of 2015.

  Coming back to the school was the greatest choice he made. Yellowjohn earned his Associates in Cinematic Arts, along with a Minor in Studio Arts. Yellowjohn has plans and goals to travel and show the world his art, tell his story, and spread inspiration and awareness of the issues Indigenous people face today.


Currently he is motivated to discover the means to promote optimistic activism or “protecting” through his creative talents. Chad "Little Coyote" Yellowjohn has the admiration to spread happiness through art, and hopes to give YOU laughter with his skill, and he thanks you for taking the time reading his biography!





When Chad was attending Eastern Washington University, he struggled to financially. When he wasn't selling at prints at Pow-Wows, he was customizing shoes. Customizing isn't his preferred hobby, but he enjoys giving graduates, poly's, basketball players some style. ALSO: It's been a few years since my mom's shoes were stolen, PLEASE contact me if they are SEEN or FOUND


The Last Star is a recreation of The Last Jedi trailer. It is not considered to be a short film. In this trailer, Chad uses the audio from The Last Jedi, and replaces the footage with current issues in America to capture the relation between the rebels and Americans. AVAILABLE to watch at https://youtu.be/hD0VdAvWlj0

Press Start is Chad's fourth action film with the help of his classmates that were in Visual Effects. In this project they were able to push their action a bit further with glowing eyes, electricity and fire. AVAILABLE to watch at https://youtu.be/_0zByEfXgB0

Future Boy is a short film about a young man named Ken who has the ability to sense a persons death. Ken attempts to save the lady he has fallen for, Elva.


Batter Up, a short film about two brothers who are forced to say goodbye in the aftermath of a zombie apocalyptic world. AVAILABLE to watch at https://vimeo.com/246898141 

Race with Grace is children's educational program he hopes to bring to life! Grace and SpeSpelye (Little Coyote) explore the indigenous tribes in America, and on their journey they learn that not all Indigenous People live in teepees, and don't speak the same language. As the two learn, their viewers are along for the ride. As Chad completes his other goals in life, he plans to continue Race with Grace.