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False Idol – was influenced by Childish Gambino’s music video "This is America” (recommend watching). In front of Childish Gambino she uses the same method as Childish by using the same pose from a cigarette ad called “Old Gold” which depicts a non-indigenous female sexualizing our culture with a warbonnet (which we still struggle with today). Each man with a a bag over their head is a president who are going to be punished for their crimes against the indigenous. Christopher Columbus DID NOT DISCOVER america, replacing Columbus Day, with Happy Indigenous Peoples. Sharp Knife was a nickname given to Andrew Jackson by the Creek. Abraham Lincoln wears a bag with the number 38, 38 represents the 38 sioux’s he hung which came to be the largest mass execution. Conotocarious was given to George Washington by the Iraquois, to this day George Washington is named “Town Destroyer”.


There are many indigenous people who deserve to be avenged, today people celebrate this False Idol named Christopher Columbus, who raped and killed our Indigenous People. Forget Columbus , and transition into Indigenous a People's Day!

False Idol

Color: Full Color
  • 11x17 on Single Sided White Cardstock/Poster Paper. NOTE: The print will show a white border. If damaged on the sides, an alternative is to cut off the white borders, which will give you the 11x17 print.

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