"My Boom Theory"




It’s been a minute since I drew people with headphones, closed eyes, enjoying their music, cleansing their mind. With the smoke, I’ve taken the the night sky for granted. After spending time with my mom, I was reminded the honor we owe to our creators. Who I believe to be the creator of this universe, which leads me to my BIG BOOM THEORY (I know it’s the bang* I just needed a cool word to match the head phones lol).


We’ve all been facing trials, and as an artist I am unsure which one to tackle first. As a kid I just wanted to make people smile, so I hope this helps you through your day. Stay blessed!

My Boom Theory

  • 11x17 on 12x18 Print Single Sided White Cardstock/Poster Paper. NOTE: The print will show a white border. If damaged on the sides, an alternative is to cut off the white borders, which will give you the 11x17 print.