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Where Nightmares Came True


By Chad L Yellowjohn



During Gatherings, my routine was telling my viewers to notify me if they’d like me to elaborate on any of my creations, because like a person, they all had a name, and they all had a story. A mother and daughter were looking at “Where Nightmares Came True” (the one displayed). The mother notifies me “my daughter would like to know more about this piece.” So I elaborated about PNG high schools mascot, their campus, and their performance at The Disneyland Resort that involved the typical Hollywood war cry, their costumes, and their chant “scalp em Indians, scalp em!” I asked the child “now imagine if an indigenous child were to witness that performance at Disneyland. She’s proud to be indigenous, she loves Disneyland, and watching these girls mock her culture, how would she feel? Disneyland is supposedly a place where dreams come true, thus is where and why this creation is titled ‘Where Nightmares Came True.’” Her mom says to her daughter “that’s why she’s crying.”
The daughter looked up at her mom so intensely. When I glanced at her mom, tears were forming. I looked back at her daughter, and she had the same look as her mom. There was a quick moment of silence. Her mom notes to me “she’s still trying understand all of this.”
That weekend, I seen that little girl (who was wearing the Minnie Mouse ears) standing right in front of me. Our children shouldn’t have to hurt like that, I shouldn’t have to experience that sadness. Although, it’s experiences like that, are one of the many reasons I’ll always be an artist. Me creating, is me fighting the pain that our children shouldn’t have to endure. PNG high school and every other highschool, college, major leagues, the racial mascot has GOT TO GO!

Where Nightmares Came True

  • 11x17 Print Single Sided White Cardstock/Poster Paper.

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